Helping Horses

Helping Horses ALABAMA is a division of Animal Aid Fund, Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1984.

Our Mission: To rehabilitate, re-train and re-home promising rescue horses.

Make a Difference


Helping Horses ALABAMA is a nonprofit RESCUE and REHABILITATION program for abused and abandoned HORSES.

We are located on 100 beautiful rolling acres at Sixbrier Farm in 
Brierfield, Alabama.

The temperature dips down well below freezing on exceptionally cold February night. The wind is whipping and my old farm house is warm and cozy.  It is 10 'clock and I am ready for my bed.  However, this night sleep and warmth will be short lived.  My 18 year old son and I negotiate the terms of who will take the 12 am, 2 am, 4 am and 6 am vigil to go feed warm water to the emaciated skeleton of a horse that came to our farm earlier that day.  

We set our alarms vowing to wake the other if things are looking bad in the night for poor Jake.  Most mornings a stick of dynamite will not uproot my sleepy teenager, but tonight I fall into bed never doubting that he will arise at 2 am and brave the cold to give a few sips of warm water to the lowly beast that has come for refuge.   

Why?  Because this is what we do. 

We rescue horses.    

We take in horses that people no longer want or can care for and give them a new purpose.  We see potential in all God given life. 

Learning what works and what doesn't is an important lesson when rehabilitating an unwanted or abused horse. When people witness a malnourished horse transform into a physically fit, mentally stable athlete because of the knowledge THEY gained and put into practice, a wonderful thing happens. Not only are the horses content and fulfilled; but also the people understand that their treatment of an animal over a period of time can make a real difference. Helping Horses believes that all life is sacred and worthy of our utmost reverence, respect and rehabilitation. We truly help horses. And we need your help to help them. 


Shelley Jones, Founder & Executive Director

Please send donations to: 

Helping Horses Alabama

5868 Thomas Mill Road

Brierfiled, AL 35035