Helping Horses

Helping Horses ALABAMA is a division of Animal Aid Fund, Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1984.

Our Mission: To rehabilitate, re-train and re-home promising rescue horses.

Make a Difference

Our Needs

Helping Horses Alabama, a division of Animal Aid Fund - - a 501 (c) 3 founded in 1984 -  is often called upon to pick up abused, neglected and abandoned horses and groups of loose donkeys.  Just this week, we were called to pick up an untouchable miniature horse whose leg has been badly damaged by a pack of feral dogs. Two other minis were killed by the dogs.  

Here's our dilemma:  we do not own a stock trailer  for successfully carrying out  rescue mission such as these, and our friends, who have generously shared their trailers in the past, are not always available.

Please help us  with this one time purchase.

The trailer we wish to buy is a used aluminum stock-type bumper pull trailer priced at only $7,000.  A new trailer - same brand - sells for around $18,000.

Please visit our website and our Facebook page to find out more about our dedication to "helping horses." 


LED light fixtures suitable for a barn

Square bales of hay

Used tack - especially halters and lead ropes

Fly spray




Alfalfa cubes/pellets



Feed scoops

Stall mats


Mineral (salt) blocks


Water hoses

Racks for halters and bridles

Volunteer hours from people who can swing a hammer

Your love, prayers and support