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Helping Horses ALABAMA is a division of Animal Aid Fund, Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1984.

Our Mission: To rehabilitate, re-train and re-home promising rescue horses.

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Pogo's Journey

Pogo is a 3 year old miniature horse who survived a life-threatening injury in December of 2016. He and two other mini horses were attacked by dogs, leaving Pogo seriously injured and the other two dead. Pogo was able to escape with his life but was not lucky enough to escape unscathed. Pogo is missing his rear left hoof and had been walking around on it for 6 months. May 20, 2017, Helping Horses Alabama was notified and Pogo was brought in for his journey to recovery. He was covered in lice and had been roaming loose for that amount of time. There was no previous treatment for his injury. He is now perfectly spoiled with spiced apples and alfalfa hay. Pogo receives daily interactions and his bandage is changed at least once a day. Pogo is scheduled for evaluation on June 20th, 2017 in hopes of having surgery on his injury soon. After surgery and rehabilitation he will be fitted with a prosthesis. Following a full recovery Pogo will be available for adoption to a therapeutic facility.

Letter from Pogo
*munches contentedly on alfalfa*
Well hello! I am Pogo! Ya'll these past 7 months have been a nightmare. Seeing my pasture-mates brutally attacked and murdered by dogs was emotionally draining and such a tragedy . Not to mention I was also attacked and my previous owners abandoned me.. I was alone and left in the pasture to die. Gratefully I escaped with my life but.. I lost one of my back hooves.. I fought long and hard on my own for six months until a bus driver spotted me and Helping Horses Alabama reached out and provided a safe haven. They have been so amazing to me, feeding me, scratching and treating my lice infested coat. They have truly worked so hard and taken such great care of me here at HHA. But there is only so much they can do... and I know that. My leg needs to be operated on... I can't walk on only one back leg forever.. it's so exhausting. And it's really wearing me down. I want to run again. I'm not much of an introvert. I love going out and romping through the pasture but it will be so much easier when I can use both back legs to run! 
My caretakers have brought me to the highly respected Auburn University large animal facility for my surgery, and after an in depth discussion with the surgeon, Dr. Lindsey Boone, they discovered that the bill for my prosthetic and extensive after care and rehab will be very costly. Ten thousand dollars costly. Soooo... I want them to reach out. I want this second chance... I would not have fought this hard after so much anguish if I wanted to cross the rainbow bridge at only 3 years old. So tell your friends. Tell your family and tell everyone that I am still fighting. That I have a story to tell and that I need your help raising the money for my care.
Many Thanks,